Bredesen Protocol

'Everyone knows someone who's survived cancer. But no one knows anyone who's survived Alzheimer's-until now'

Dr. Dale Bredesen

The Buck Institute UCLA

Dr. Bredesen is a neurologist who 30 years ago was so down heartened at giving patients the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease that he left clinical practice to go back to the lab until he found a treatment. He was conventionally trained and initially believed that a single pharmaceutical would solve the condition. After years of research he has landed in Functional Medicine with a multi modal model that is helping this condition applying lifestyle modification and supplements. He has identified 36 metabolic factors that trigger the brain to downsize. Like 36 holes in a roof that need to be repaired to make it watertight.

The best time to tackle cognitive decline is when you first notice memory changes yourself - what Bredesen describes as Subjective Cognitive Impairment (SCI). The Montreal Cognitive Assessment is used to define the degree of impairment. Minor cognitive impairment (MCI) is a score between 20-25 and less than 20 is full Alzheimer’s. This test can be done by your Family Physician so you know where you are cognitively. SCI is defined by a normal score from 26-30 but with changes that the patient has noticed.

If you would like to know more Dr Bredesen has published a book called ‘The End of Alzheimer’s’.

Dr Zapf has been trained in the Bredesen Protocol and we are proud to offer this for patients in the Bow Valley and beyond.