Functional Medicine

This is 21st century medicine. It is personalised to you, identifies the unique triggers and antecedents that have lead you to your current state of health. It is a form of medicine that is particularly good at helping patients with longstanding conditions. We gather a great deal of information about the patient to get to the root cause. This involves much more time taking a history- sometimes multigenerational and thorough testing going beyond what we would do in conventional practice. We test the gut microbiome, gut permeability, the ability to digest, nutritional status, immunological reactions to foods, Lyme disease, detailed hormone assays, toxins including mold and heavy metals. This list is not exhaustive as we have accounts with most of the major Functional Medicine testing labs in North America and the Armen Lab in Germany for Lyme and co-infections.


Chronic disease is not determined by our genes but how they interact with a modern environment that is a mismatch with what they are expecting. This leads our core physiological function to eventually fail and express itself as a disease. In conventional pharmaceutical based medicine we wait until the patient is sick then treat the symptoms with medication. In this model the underlying cause remains unchanged. In Functional Medicine we look upstream at what has made the patient unwell. We fix the chemistry and physiology to reverse the cause. The modern Western environment is so far removed from the natural one we have inhabited for most of the 160,000 years of our species existence that many of us are sick. Through the processed food that does not nourish us properly, the toxic burden of agricultural and industrial chemicals that damage our complex biochemical pathways, the junk light that stops us sleeping, the lack of activity and a loss of social connection we set the scene for our health to fail on an unprecedented scale. The good news is that this is preventable with a Functional Medicine approach and an evolutionary perspective.